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Hypnotherapy CD Tutorial - Burning to CD

Once you have edited your voice, added background music if desired, and are happy with the results, it's time to transfer the whole thing onto CD.

First you need to export the entire mix from Audacity to a single WAV file.  Choose "Export As WAV..." (or "Export As AIFF..." on a Mac) from the File menu.  If you get a Warning dialogue just click OK.  Then choose a place and name to save your final mixdown.

Once this is done, just use your normal CD burning software to create an Audio CD and add this mixdown file as a track.  Provided the total length doesn't exceed 74 or 80 minutes (depending on CD) there's no reason you can't add multiple tracks to the same CD if you have other recordings.

That's it - now try listening to your CD on some other systems: e.g. portable CD player, hi-fi, etc. to check that your voice sounds clear and consistent in volume, and correct in volume relative to any background music.

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