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Hypnotherapy CD Tutorial - Bulk CD duplication

When you have a CD that you are sure you are happy with, you may find it convenient to get a quantity of these produced commercially.  This is not usually cheaper than making them at home on your computer (unless you get a very large quantity made), but the results can look more professional as the printing will be done directly on the CD rather than on a sticky label (unless of course you have a printer at home that can print directly onto CD).

If you are producing less than 1000 CDs it is cheaper to get your CDs 'duplicated' rather than 'pressed'.  This means they are produced from CDRs by a CD burner, rather than stamped from a glass master.  Below are a few places who can provide this service.  There are many such places, so look in your Yellow Pages under "Copying & Duplicating Services" or "Multimedia Services" to find a local service.

Original CD
Contact: Mike Pitt
Telephone: 0117 971 3947
Location: Bristol

Contact: Rob
Telephone: 01752 201 275
Location: Plymouth

Attic Attack
Contact: Pete
Telephone: 0117 924 4411
Location: Bristol

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